Relational Datastore with API Access

GivingTuesday provides users with an application program interface (API) to query data from our relational data store. You can find the list of fields accessible through each endpoint via our data dictionary.


The GivingTuesday API has open access an does not require any user authentication. However, there is a rate limit of 300 requests over 5 minutes, if you require a higher rate limit, please contact the GivingTuesday team through this feedback form

Request Format

The API only accepts GET requests. All requests begin with:

Response Format

The GivingTuesday API responses are available in JSON format.


  • We are using Query Strings as EIN
  • Pass EIN keyword in lowercase i.e. ein= not EIN=
  • When passing EINs as parameters they must be 9 digits
  • Do not pass hyphens in EINs i.e. use 123456789 instead of 12-3456789
  • Prefix EINS with 0’s for those shorter than 9 digits i.e. 000123456

API Endpoints & Results

EndpointContentsRequired ParameterSample Request
GET /irs_data/990basic120fieldsForm 990 Basic 120 Fieldseincurl ‘’
GET /irs_data/bmfIRS Business Master File Extracteincurl ‘’
GET /irs_data/efilexmlIndex of all available efiled xml files in GTDC data lakeeincurl ‘’
GET /irs_data/postcardForm 990 N Postcardeincurl ‘’
GET /irs_data/pub78-deductiblePub 78 Deductible Organizationseincurl ‘’
GET /irs_data/revokedIRS Revoked Organizations which have lost their charity statuseincurl ‘’

Results format


   “statusCode”: 200,

   “headers”: {

       “content-type”: “application/json”


   “body”: {

       “query”: “<provided ein>”,

       “no_results”: <number of results found>,

       “results”: […]